Syndicate’s modular ERC-20M and ERC-721M smart contract architecture is battle-tested across millions of transactions and designed to allow you to upgrade your contracts as your products grow, all without needing costly migrations. With traditional smart contracts, adding a new mint mechanism like an ecommerce plugin might require an entire smart contract rewrite with hundreds of hours of development time invested and tens of thousands of dollars to migrate existing users. With Syndicate’s ERC-721M architecture, adding a new mint mechanism is as simple as sending a REST API call to Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud to enable one of the dozens of off-the-shelf audited modules, and your new logic is ready for production in just a few seconds. The mint, burn, transfer, and render logic of our smart contracts are infinitely upgradeable, and you’re always in control of what’s enabled since you own the deployed smart contracts.

Over the past three years Syndicate has thoroughly tested, audited, and formally verified our protocol architecture so you can be confident in the security of your smart contracts. We’ve partnered with customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to highly experimental web3 protocols and are delighted to work with your product, technical, and legal teams directly to ensure every avenue of your product strategy is covered.

If you’d like to learn more about how to deploy Syndicate’s modular architecture to mainnet to power your application in less than a day, reach out to our integration team today.

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