In the context of web3, an RPC (remote procedure call) enables communication between decentralized networks, like an application and the blockchain. Through RPCs, developers can call functions on remote blockchain nodes, send transactions, and retrieve data easily.

Syndicate’s Smart RPC offers mechanisms to incentivize targeted actions on your chain or app, fostering engagement and participation across your ecosystem. Syndicate’s Smart RPC integrates with all Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible Layer 2 and Layer 3 chains, ensuring broad interoperability.

How it works:

  • Configurable fund strategies

    You can subsidize gas for specific transactions, making it easy for your users to perform specific actions such as mint an NFT, claim specific tokens and more.

  • Live transaction monitoring

    Transaction activity can be easily monitored within your Syndicate dashboard, enhancing transparency into your user actions and giving you peace of mind as transactions are subsidized.

  • Spam prevention

    By simulating transactions within the Transaction Cloud, Syndicate ensures only legitimate transactions are subsidized, saving you from paying unnecessary expenses. If a transaction is not valid it will simply be passed through to the underlying RPC.

  • Managed Gas benefits

    With Syndicate’s Managed Gas enabled, there’s no need to manually top up funds to subsidize transactions. We handle this for you automatically.

If you’re interested in using Smart RPC, reach out to us.