Syndicate hosted L2/L3 chains can provide ultra-cheap transactions, dedicated blockspace, and customizations that unlock new use cases for your ecosystem, application, or game. Paired with our Transaction Cloud, a custom L3 can unlock the maximum throughput and flexibility at the lowest cost for any EVM chain.

Syndicate can support EVM L2s or L3s built on a range of stacks for settlement (L1, L2), execution (OP Stack, Polygon CDK, Arbitrum, etc.), and consensus/data availability (Celestia, AnyTrust, etc.).

We will work with you to gather necessary 3rd party tooling for your chain to make it usable and useful. We have expertise setting up block explorers, bridges, NFT marketplaces, AMMs, gas subsidies, user accounts/wallets. Additionally, we’ve worked with 3rd parties to negotiate better rates so that you get the best price for the whole offering.

If you’re interested in L3s, please reach out to us.