Problems today

Developers who want to build powerful web3 products at scale are confronted with inflexible, complicated, and fragmented solutions that are currently available in the market. Over the years, we’ve uncovered two major problems with existing web3 infrastructure that prevent teams from launching projects and add wasted time, effort, and cost both during and after development.

Lack of flexibility and modularity

Smart contract standards (e.g., ERC-721, ERC-20) and supporting backend infrastructure available in the market lack the flexibility and modularity necessary for developers to experiment, grow, change and scale the on-chain experiences they’ve built over time. Syndicate eliminates the need for developers to undertake costly migrations to new smart contracts whenever they wish to modify their on-chain experiences.

Complexity, cost, and speed of implementation

The process of developing, launching, and maintaining a web3-powered product is complex and expensive. Development in the web3 space has only gotten more sophisticated with the adoption of Wallets as a Service, Account Abstraction, and other onboarding tools. Fragmented solutions and specific gaps (e.g., nonce management, reorg detection, transaction retries, etc.) in the market force developers to DIY their own transaction, wallet, and key management infrastructure each time. It’s hard to find a more comprehensive solution that abstracts the complexity of managing smart contracts, transactions, wallets, gas, permissioning, and more through familiar simple REST APIs for developers.

Why Syndicate

Syndicate is building the infrastructure to power the next wave of web3 platforms and products at scale. Developers can leverage Syndicate’s infrastructure to abstract web3’s complexity, so your team can spend less time managing complex web3 infrastructure and more time building an exceptional end-to-end experience for your customers.

Over the last three years, our work with some of the largest and most innovative web3 startups and Fortune 100 companies to help bring on-chain experiences mainstream has shown us that the next wave of web3 products will be built very differently. And this will require new infrastructure.

Syndicate eliminates the need for developers to undertake costly migrations to new smart contracts whenever they wish to modify their products and on-chain experiences. Using Syndicate’s modular and extensible smart contract architecture as well as an array of interchangeable modules, developers can seamlessly customize and refine their product experience over time. Learn more about Syndicate’s Dynamic, Modular Smart Contracts.

Syndicate also provides a developer-friendly Transaction Cloud through our simple and robust REST APIs and developer documentation, enabling any developer to create powerful web3 products with ease and efficiency. Our Transaction Cloud is built with high throughput, real-time observability, security and permissioning in mind. Learn more about Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud.

Lastly, you can use our Developer Dashboard to leverage the full potential of Syndicate’s smart contracts and Transaction Cloud. With the dashboard, you can develop, launch, and manage your contracts and transactions, all in one convenient interface. Create your free dashboard account.