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Why Syndicate

Syndicate is building infrastructure to power the next wave of onchain platforms and products that reach mainstream scale. Our modular end-to-end infrastructure abstracts the complexity of sending onchain transactions and decreases development time — making it easier, cheaper and faster for developers to build, launch and grow onchain products at any scale.

At the core of Syndicate’s infrastructure is the Transaction Cloud. Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud offers a complete, end-to-end service that provides Transaction Broadcasting, Signing & Attestations, Webhooks and Managed Gas - completely abstracting the complexity of managing transactions, wallets, permissioning, and more through simple REST APIs for developers. Our Transaction Cloud supports all EVM chains and can handle up to 5K+ RPS.

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Surrounding the Transaction Cloud are additional tools, infrastructure and services that make it easier and cheaper for developers to create, launch and maintain onchain applications. Our L2/L3 chains set you up for success as you think about ongoing maintenance, experimentation and cost as you scale.

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