Data mirrors allow you to message data between blockchains, and between a blockchain and external data sources, enabling smart contracts to access real-world data that is not natively available onchain. Syndicate specializes in mirroring for L3s, ensuring minimal latency and adaptable trust assumptions tailored to the specific requirements of your decentralized application.

  • Interact with offchain data

    Syndicate’s mirrors enable the integration of offchain information such as price data, mapping Farcaster ID’s to wallet addresses, allowlists, and more, expanding the functionality & impact of your application.

  • Interoperability

    Our cross-chain mirrors facilitate synchronization of data across multiple blockchains, enabling smooth token migrations and fostering an interconnected ecosystem.

  • Computation power

    With compute mirrors, you can offload complex computations. Random number generation is a crucial component in many gaming and crypto protocols. By offloading this computation, it ensures that the generated values are unpredictable and tamper-proof. This promotes fairness and prevents manipulation, as users cannot revert or influence the outcome if they dislike the generated value.

If you’d like to start using our mirrors, feel free to review our guide.