The process of developing, launching, and maintaining an onchain product is complex and expensive. This is becoming even more difficult with the rise of L2s, Account Abstraction, and more. Today’s fragmented solutions and their gaps—in the areas of throughput, nonce management, reorg detection, transaction retries, managed gas, and more—force developers to DIY their own transaction, wallet, key, and managed gas infrastructure. This DIY infrastructure is non-core, drains valuable engineering time and resources, and doesn’t scale to thousands (or one day millions) of transactions across many EVM chains.

With Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud, your developers are able to create a magical experience for your users online and/or in-app, no matter if you’re supporting five thousand or five million transactions. Your developers never have to deal with the burden or security risk of managing wallets, private keys, or gas tokens. Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud manages wallets and private keys within a protected secure enclave (HSM), providing enterprise-grade security and ensuring no one—including anyone at Syndicate—can extract them. Additionally, developers can fire-and-forget transactions via simple HTTP REST APIs with resilience, fault tolerance, and reliability in mind, ensuring guaranteed idempotency and extremely high throughput. Syndicate abstracts the complexity of web3 for both your end users as well as developers, ensuring no one has to interact or DIY complex web3 infrastructure such as gas, private keys, gas tokens, and much more.

Current chains supported

AvalancheAvalanche FujiAvalanche
ArbitrumArbitrum SepoliaArbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova
BaseBase SepoliaBase
BinanceBinance Smart Chain TestnetBinance Smart Chain
DegenDegen Chain
GnosisGnosis ChiadoGnosis
HokumHokum TestnetHokum Mainnet
OptimismOP SepoliaOP Mainnet
PolygonPolygon AmoyPolygon
Sugarcane GoldSugarcane Gold
Syndicate FrameSyndicate Frame
ZoraZora SepoliaZora Mainnet