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Transaction Broadcasting

Syndicate’s transaction broadcasting infrastructure allows you to send any transaction on any EVM-compatible chain without having to manage private keys, host your own secure signing infrastructure, or worry about technical nuances like nonce conflicts. We ensure that any valid transaction will end up in a block regardless of reorgs, dropped transactions, or gas spikes all while supporting high throughput.

How it works:

High throughput at enterprise scale
With Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud, you’re able to broadcast transactions with resilience, fault tolerance, and reliability in mind, ensuring guaranteed idempotency and high throughput. If you’re interested in throughput at up to 5,000 RPS, contact us to learn more.

Real-time transaction lifecycle management and monitoring
Developers are able to review transaction requests and failures in real-time via Syndicate’s Dashboard. In addition, we provide easy automatic resolution of chain re-orgs to ensure smooth operations.

Managed wallets and private keys
Developers never have to deal with the security risk of managing wallets and private keys on their own. Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud manages wallet and private keys within a protected secure enclave (HSM), providing enterprise-grade security all while ensuring no one, including anyone at Syndicate, can extract them.

Learn how to broadcast your first transaction in under 5 minutes.