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Signing & Attestations

With new L2s and L3s being launched every day, it’s never been more important to enable multi-chain experiences within your product. Yet, composing this data using standard RPCs often proves to be a maintenance burden for technical teams and can even expose your product to security risks like cross-chain replay attacks. Syndicate’s signing and attestation infrastructure addresses this by exposing simple REST APIs that can be used to query and sign data from one chain for use on another chain or stored in backend to build products like lazy minting. Built on top of widely adopted standards like EIP-712 structured data, the signatures and attestations can be used throughout the ecosystem. Along with several development partners, we’re exploring new-to-world products like cross-chain metadata and multi-chain NFTs just to name a few.

Public endpoints are coming soon and if you’d like early access, reach out to us today.