With Syndicate’s fully programmable smart contract wallets for end users, you’re able to embed web3 wallets into any experience, enabling your customers to easily onboard and utilize your application without having to interact with daunting web3 infrastructure. Our modular, smart contract wallet architecture allows your developers to create fully programmatic user experiences, set global/local permissions, and handle transactions at enterprise scale all without having to manage keys, sign transactions, or pay for gas.

  • Create magical programmatic experiences for your end users
    Syndicate’s programmable user wallets allow you to create products that abstract away complex and daunting web3 infrastructure from your end users. Developers can make any on-chain transaction programmatic such as transferring NFTs from one wallet to another, updating metadata and more, without the end user needing to sign or pay gas for each transaction. If you want to give your end users more control, you can always set certain transactions to be manual.

  • Flexibly set wallet permissions at the global and local level
    Whether your team wants to create rules for one, a few, or all wallets, Syndicate’s programmable user wallets give developers the ability to set and change permissioning requirements at any level. Permissions are expansive and include determining what, when, and how different transactions occur. As an example, you might want to say all users are able to manually transfer NFTs up until a certain threshold on a daily basis, but still allow manual mints for all users and programmatically transferred NFTs for a specific group of users.

  • Handle transactions at enterprise scale
    Syndicate’s programmable user wallets leverage Syndicate’s Transaction Cloud to process transactions and can handle programmatic transactions at enterprise scale, handling high throughput, nonce conflicts, and more.

  • Never have to worry about storing or managing keys
    Syndicate’s programmable user wallets leverage secure HSMs within our key management architecture. Users can add their own keys and transition fully to self-custody at any time.

Syndicate’s programmable end user wallets are coming soon. Contact us to learn more.